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TAMA Starclassic Maple

tama starclassic maple

Starclassic Maple shells are 100% Maple. Toms and Floor Toms are 6-ply, Bass Drums are 7-ply and Snare Drums are 6-ply. They feature superior response, the warmth of premium maple shells, bottom end resonance, articulated highs, and the control of die-cast hoops. Tama’s “Back To Basics” approach to the Starclassic series includes: ultra-thin rigid shells and die-cast hoops, making Starclassic Maple one of the top choices for professional drummers today. Bass drums come with matching wood hoops. Toms come with Star-Cast Mounting System. Starclassic Maple drums are not drilled for bass drum or tom mounts.

Drums: Tama Starclassic. 22″ x 18″ BD (2x). 10″ x 8″& 12″ x 9″ TT, 16″ x 14″& 18″ x 16″ FT, 14″ BiliBrudfordSignature SD

Trunk: Evans. Bassdrum EQ 4/EQ 3, Toms G2 Klar, Snaredrum Powercenter coated
Pedals: Tama Iron Cobra HH, DW 5000 BD
Becken: Meinl 14″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Hihat, 18″ Byzance China, 16″ Byzance Medium Thin Crash, 18″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash, 16″ Byzance Medium Crash, 18″ Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash, 22″ Soundcaster Custom Mega Bell Ride, 14″ Soundcaster Custom Powerful Hihat, 18″ Amun China.
E-drums: 2 x ddrum 3, ddrum pads

Charakteristics of the cymbals

cymbals set

A: 14″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Hihat
B: 18″ Byzance China
C: 16″ Byzance Medium Thin Crash
D: 18″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash
E: 16″ Byzance Medium Crash
F: 18″ Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash

G: 22″ Soundcaster Custom Mega Bell Ride
H: 14″ Soundcaster Custom Powerful Hihat
I: 18″ Amun China

Christopher Schneider Drums
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